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Haliburton Community Farm: A collaborative model worth emulating

We need more places like Haliburton Farm.  Last month, I partook in a farm tour, dinner and conversation there. This week I visited this local farm to chat a bit more with Elmarie Roberts, one of the farmers working the property.  Our conversation reinforced my view that Haliburton Farm is a powerful, collaborative community model […]

4 Factors that are reshaping the world of conflict resolution

From my feeds (RSS, Twitter), I’ve recently come across some interesting goings on in the world of conflict/dispute resolution.  And as much of it jives with my own experience and take on resolving conflicts, I thought I’d summarize, with a few examples, what I see as key factors impacting the practice of conflict resolution, going […]

The Magic Relationship Ratio

In relationships, accentuate the positive.  Negative interactions have more clout than positive interactions.  It is not a balanced equation.  You need to have many positive interactions for each negative interaction, if you want a healthy, sustainable relationship! Relationship expert John Gottman sees each of our daily interactions with another person as bids for connection.  By […]

11 Good reasons to support your community dance

While we’re investing in building and nurturing collaborative habits, let’s not forget that many tight-knit communities have learned, survived, and prospered, by working AND playing together.  So, let me suggest something for the playing, community dancing. 11 reasons why I’m a big fan of traditional, community-oriented music and dance.  I previously shared my reasons why […]