12 Things you should know as a Facilitator of effective “communications”

As a mediator and facilitator of various types of conversations, in-person and virtual, I’m always learning when it comes to being a better “communicator”.    In 2013, I added to my list of  insights on that front. For instance, did you know… Inter-personal communications is essentially the process of sending  and receiving messages. The word […]

Twitter Chats Oct 22 & 24: International Facilitation Week 2013

As part of International Facilitation Week, on October 22, and again on October 24, UK facilitator @MartinGilbraith and I are hosting a Twitter (aka Tweet) chat. Each chat will run for one hour, from 9:00-10:00am PST / 12:00-1:00pm EST / 5:00-6:00pm UK time (GMT +1:00).   Each chat will include 6-8 questions, spaced throughout the hour, for […]

Going with the flow: Nurture your mediator chi with social media

I’m doing a webinar next week (October 22) for Mediate BC.    It’s all about enlisting social media as a path to finding balance and success in our digital age.  It’s oriented to mediators, yet I think it’ll have applicability for facilitators, of all sorts. During the webinar, I’ll take you on a journey; from […]

Cultural diversity in virtual conversations?

Last month, I did a cross-cultural conflict management workshop for the Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria.  The participants were all immigrants.  Their time in Canada ranged from weeks to years.  The content focus was the workplace and employment. Culture and conversation patterns One of the concepts I touched on dealt on was cultural differences in […]

The challenge of delivering client services when the conversation is everywhere

I currently own, and regularly use, a Samsung smartphone, Apple iPad, and Asus laptop computer.   I use more social media channels than are good for me.  I’ll start a conversation on one channel, finish it on another, and do this from any device.   Apparently, I’m far from the only one who works this […]