Effective Communications: Adding Verbal and Non-Verbal Capacity in Virtual Contexts

Working virtually can put the squeeze on our full range of verbal and nonverbal communication skills.

Impact of communication

This is a given with it comes to nonverbal. When we’re in the same physical space together, the success of our communication effort  is mightily influenced by our nonverbal, visual, actions.  Where is body language, and tone of voice, in a tweet or Facebook post?

Yet, our verbal communications capacity can also take a dip, in virtual settings.   It all adds up to being less than you are, as any high-context individual in a virtual setting knows, and likely all too well.

Fortunately, there are virtual ways to add back some of our lost communications capacity, both verbal and nonverbal.  In this 2min and 45sec screencast (Update: now part of my e-course on virtual collaboration), I touch on a variety of those virtual ways:

(video not displaying? click here)

What other approaches, verbal and/or non-verbal, do you use to augment your virtual communications capacity?

PS. Apologies for the video link (or rather, absence of) in my previous post, on Facilitating Organizational Change.... I forgot to add a manual link to the video (and now corrected), given not all email readers handle video embeds the same way.  Here’s the missing YouTube link, to “A Useful Idea…”.

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