10 Big Picture community collaborations in Victoria that support the family

In Victoria there are many examples of people working together, i.e., collaborating, with the big picture in mind. I have a soft spot for these collaborations.  My experience is they are usually community-oriented.  They bring diverse peoples and groups together, bridge multiple interests, and work for a healthier community, for all.  These collaborations are systems […]

Mediation Business Summit takeaways

Although its been a month since I attended the Mediation Business Summit, I thought I’d share a few of my takeaways from the event. About the Summit The Summit was a multi-day event via telephone and web, designed for dispute resolution professionals by dispute resolution professionals, Tammy Lenski and Amanda Bucklow.  Sessions featured business management, […]

Getting to Resolution: Turning Conflict into Collaboration – Video book review

I’m always on the lookout for ideas and frames that give context to my work.  Recently I came across Getting to Resolution: Turning conflict into collaboration by Stewart Levine.  It does just that.  It touches my buttons; collaboration, conflict, resolution, mediation, community, systems thinking, to name a few. In this short video (can’t see it? […]

Triangulate conflict to find the sweet spot of resolution

One of my earliest professional gigs was as a land surveyor.  One technique surveyors use is triangulation, finding a position or location based on two other, known fixed points.  Triangulation, i.e., cross-checking, is also a technique used by resolutionaries, such as mediators.  We use multiple sources of information, signals, to locate that sweet spot of […]

Make it safe to fail

A collaborative leader makes it safe to fail and learn, and innovate.  And that’s also what most facilitator and dispute resolution professionals try do too.  As a mediator, I know there is no way people are going to open up, share information, and genuinely explore and resolve the issues unless they feel safe, free from […]