Neighbourhood Gifts

It was my neighbourhood association‘s annual Streetfest last weekend.  Excellent turnout.  People connecting. Conversation.  Having fun.  No rain! And, gifts galore… locals sharing their time, talents, and community spirit. Many of those things that make for a healthy neighbourhood were there, all orchestrated by neighbours, volunteering, including: Food; donated, baked, cornucopia Music; DJ, musicians, musical […]

"Out" your assets to expose your collaborative potential

Each one of us has gifts to offer, whether you’re a bookkeeper, beekeeper, barber.  Do you know the gifts of that person sitting across from you? Do you know what yours are? Your gifts are assets. Identifying and sharing those assets can increase the value of whatever situation, team, organization, neighbourhood, association, city, you are […]

Most Valuable: A place to connect with your neighbours

Once a month, on a Saturday, a local mobile recycling company (Pacific Mobile Depot) sets up shop in a school parking lot in my neighbourhood.  Neighbourhood residents take their used stuff to this recycling drop-off, where it gets sorted, and bagged, to be taken away by the company.  Locals dropping off their stuff are asked […]

The Storytelling Class: Canadian documentary impresses Movie Monday crowd

Last Monday, I attended Movie Monday here in Victoria, a regular cinematic experience, held every Monday night at the Eric Martin Theatre in Victoria.  The film was The Storytelling Class.   I was impressed, on all accounts. About Movie Monday Movie Monday Victoria is the inspiration of Bruce Saunders (pictured left). While in the psychiatric ward […]

Are you welcome in your neighbourhood?

Walk down any street in your neighbourhood.  How do you feel as you walk along? Do you feel welcome or is it a closed shop? Structure influences behaviour.  Just like the many ways to physically structure your office for collaboration, how we structure our personal property influences our relationship with our neighbours.  We can structure […]