Most Valuable: A place to connect with your neighbours

Once a month, on a Saturday, a local mobile recycling company (Pacific Mobile Depot) sets up shop in a school parking lot in my neighbourhood.  Neighbourhood residents take their used stuff to this recycling drop-off, where it gets sorted, and bagged, to be taken away by the company.  Locals dropping off their stuff are asked to make a donation, to finance the company’s efforts.  Local volunteers help make it all happen. This monthly event is a partnership between the company and my neighbourhood association, South Jubilee.

I volunteer every few months.  I might do more yet there are many volunteers, so we take our turn.  Still, I look forward to walking the few blocks to drop off my stuff.  Why?because the drop-off is a place to connect with neighbours.  Last week, I gave a few of those wonderful folks some voice/video time (thank you neighbours for running with my spontaneous video request, and special homage to Roger Smeeth, father of our neighbourhood recycling efforts, and who you can meet in the video)…

(can’t see it? click here)

My recycling drop-off offers

  • A physical place to meet others, and that I can walk to!
  • An opportunity to meet/volunteer/work alongside your neighbours
  • An opportunity for neighbourly conversation; to share news, ideas, and gossip (of course), and strengthen local relationships
  • A hands-on way to learn more about recycling, what happens to all the stuff
  • Support to local business (note: this drop-off supplements the city’s blue box program)
  • A welcoming environment; an open invitation to drop-off and/or volunteer; inter-generational (my son enjoys volunteering from time-to-time)
  • The potential of collaborative partnership; e.g., neighbourhood + school + business

Place matters.  My neighbourhood is walkable and liveable.  It’s what my City wishes for, too.  I’m fortunate to live in my “welcoming” neighbourhood).

And you, what place do you go to meet with your neighbours? What’s your neighbourhood centre?

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  1. Hey Ben,

    This is such a great example of selfless service. I can see what you do as volunteers can have big impact on your community. Such a wonderful influences!


  2. Thanks Eric. And, I’ll add to your comment…. volunteering is so much easier when you enjoy the company of the people you are volunteering with!

  3. I couldn’t agree more. I am now actually considering looking for service groups here in my area. I’m kinda left out already and thought I must have to leave the computer alone sometimes and find some real people to work with by volunteering! Thanks to you Ben.


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