Timeboxing, Collaboration and Personal Time Management

It was (Canada) Thanksgiving Day yesterday.  Food, family, relaxation…  Well mostly, relaxation.  I was still feeling time pressured to get some “work” done.  Timeboxed! Time is our cue to act.   We all know that feeling: the baby is due in one month, the project deadline is tomorrow, Dad just entered palliative care… Better focus your […]

It takes a system to change a system

It takes a system to change a system.  I love that phrase.  I came across it a couple weeks ago when reading British Columbia mediator/lawyer Nancy Cameron’s excellent book Collaborative Practice: Deepening the Dialogue.  This book is a road map for family lawyers making the journey from traditional litigation to collaborative practice. Now, I’m not […]

West Coast Wave Collaboration Project: An innovative cross-sector partnership

I live on an island (Vancouver Island) surrounded by ocean.  Oceans make up over 70% of the Earth’s surface.  Our proximity to this abundant resource is obvious.  The energy-giving capacity of that resource is less clear. To better understand what that capacity is, the West Coast Wave Collaboration Project (WCWCP) kicked-off in June 2009.  This […]

39 Insights into the makeup of innovative teams: From the 2009 IdeaConnection interviews

To give businesses access to the world’s most creative and innovative people, who work collaboratively to solve problems and develop innovations.  That is the mission statement of IdeaConnection, a company headquartered in Victoria, BC.  In the spirit of access, IdeaConnection interviews leading innovation authors, and makes the interview notes available on their website.  The majority […]

27 ways Filipinos create successful, collaborative e-Governance projects

From a global perspective, the Philippines is seriously lacking in financial resources.Of course this presents a major challenge to project delivery.Yet, increasingly I’m appreciating other ways, beyond the allocation of more funds, which contribute to project success. As I see it in practice, here in the Philippines, at the heart of those other ways are […]