Conflict Management for IT Professionals

Workshop Description

There are few professions as dynamic as information technology (IT). I know. I was an IT professional for 20 years. Change is constant, and so is conflict!

Even in the best of working relationships, situations can arise in which people have apparently incompatible goals, interests, principles or feelings.  Communications break down. Coders misinterpret design specs. Analysts fail to bridge the needs of both technical personnel and business users. Managers allow harmful workplace behaviours to continue, eroding employee trust.

When conflict happens, whether it involves your clients, co-workers, or external stakeholders, respond appropriately.

This workshop will show Information Technology (IT) professionals how to proactively manage conflict; constructively, cost-effectively, and fairly.


  • The cost of conflict
  • Conflict triggers, behaviours, and responding to conflict
  • 5 workplace conflict management options
  • What’s your problem? Understanding needs
  • Communicating technical information to non-technical users (and vice versa)
  • Bridging differences and negotiating agreement
  • How leaders can break down silos and increase cooperation between departments
  • Virtual collaboration: effective communications for working from a distance
  • Workplace conflict management ROI

Target Audience

This workshop is oriented to IT professionals; including: technical personnel, analysts, project leaders, and business management.