My experience as a mediator


I’ve worked as a professional mediator since 2001.   I’ve successfully mediated hundreds of disputes, in-person and online. Over 2/3 of the disputes I mediate result in the parties signing a settlement agreement.

Most of the disputes I mediate are of a civil/commercial in nature.   All involve relationship issues, business and/or personal.   I’m very comfortable working with others who are supporting the parties in dispute, e.g., lawyers, supervisors, agents, family, friends…  The types of disputes I’ve mediated include:

  • business-2-business
  • business-2-customer
  • contracts
  • construction
  • workplace
  • e-commerce
  • elder
  • employment
  • fraud
  • information technology
  • insurance
  • neighbourhood/community
  • partnerships
  • property
  • real estate
  • tort/negligence

I am a member in good-standing of the  BC Mediator Roster Society.

I am currently a mediator and mentor (of new mediators) in the BC Court Mediation Program.

I work as a contract mediator, I’ve worked as a mediator with the community-based South Island Dispute Resolution Centre.

I conduct mediations privately, online and face-to-face.

From 2003-2006, I sub-contracted as an online mediator to SquareTrade, mediating e-commerce disputes on eBay.

I work as a consultant, to the BC Government, on various online dispute resolution initiatives.   Here’s a recent initiative I was involved with.

I’m active in the professional mediation community-of-practice….

I speak and lead workshops on mediation-related topics.  Check out some of my recent speaking events, here.

I’ve published 2 ebooks based on my mediation experiece; Collaborative Maxims : Principles for Working Together, and U Connect : The Art of Making Connections to Resolve Disputes.  Both are available on Amazon, here.  You can also download the PDF versions of these e-books, at no charge, from this blog.