My mediation fees are as follows

  • online mediations: $150/hour
  • face-to-face mediations:  $175/hour + travel expenses

Fee notes:

  • Free consultation: Each inquiry about my services comes with a free consultation; e.g., to determine if mediation is an appropriate way to resolve your dispute, and if it makes sense for us to work together.
  • Fee split: Mediation fees may be equally split between the parties (this is the most common way; e.g.,  each party pays 50% of the fee) or by any different arrangement, agreed upon between the parties and the mediator.   The agreed-to split is noted in the Agreement to Mediate.
  • Online mediations are when each of the parties, including the mediator, is in a different location, and the mediation is conducted entirely over the telephone, using Skype, or other information communications technology.
  • Face-to-face�mediations are when I am in the same room as at least one of the parties to the dispute.  
  • Payment (to the mediator) can be made electronically (via Paypal) or by cheque.  My policy is payment in full in advance of the mediation.

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