Finding the One-In-The-Many in 2015

‘Tis the season for family and friends, reflections on times past, and those still to come. New beginnings.

One fond remembrance I have of Christmas past, time spent with my kids when they were small, was searching for Waldo. The Where’s Waldo? books (Where’s Wally? in the UK) placed Waldo in a very crowded scene, of Waldo look-a-likes (almost!);  the One-In-The-Many. Together, after much mirth, we’d find Waldo. It was pretty much guaranteed that I’d be the last to spot Waldo. Oh, to have the eyes of a child.

Where is Waldo

In our work (parenting included), the One-In-The-Many is an in, a key to collaborative success.

In 2015

In our connected world, what we take as unique is probably shared. My problem affects you. My solution plays out in the community. My hope is the same hope as others? My one is one among many. One-In-The-Many.

In 2015, let’s discover more connections, between us. What common grounds can we reveal? What are our those unique things we share; our One-In-The-Many? Let’s find them. It’s a place to collaborate and build on.

Finding the One-In-The-Many

Here are 3 perspectives on the One-In-The-Many challenge.

From ground level. In building a house, we start with a foundation. When its solid, we build upwards. We add a floor at a time. The growth is hierarchical, developmental, and imbedded; as is the atom, within the molecule, within the cell, within the body, within the eco-system. Foundation shaky? Things fall apart. What’s our shared DNA? Our One-In-The-Many? Build on common ground.

From above. See the big picture. Complex problems require systems thinking; a belief that the component parts of a system can best be understood in the context of relationships with each other, and with other systems, rather than in isolation. What are all those things this ‘one’ is a part of? The One-In-The-Many? See the big picture in small things.

As a journey. Constructive relationships and trust flow from habit; repeated, regular interactions. With generous intentions, we can co-orient in the same direction, and make each of our interactions a One-In-The-Many, or at least contribute to a One-In-The-Many. Incremental improvements.

So what, now?

Whether its to deal with a conflict, make your streets safe, grow your business, reduce income inequality… Find that One-In-The-Many. Make it visible, and use it, to take us to a better place.

Good luck.

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