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The challenge of delivering client services when the conversation is everywhere

I currently own, and regularly use, a Samsung smartphone, Apple iPad, and Asus laptop computer.   I use more social media channels than are good for me.  I’ll start a conversation on one channel, finish it on another, and do this from any device.   Apparently, I’m far from the only one who works this […]

Virtual Communities of Practice

If you asked Generation Y’ers how they like to learn, odds are it will be “socially”.   And, most of us aren’t all that different.  We do like to get together, at least sometimes, for learning. Getting together to learn.  That’s what ‘communities of practice’ are all about.  A community of practice is a “group of […]

Oh Canada: Diversity in the workplace?

Yesterday, July 1, was Canada’s birthday.  “Officially”, we’re 146 years old.   O Canada is our national anthem. Canada has two official languages.  Most of us feel good about the diverse and multi-cultural nature of our country.  Yet, welcoming diversity, and people who are different from us, can be a challenge, in small and big ways. […]