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The Neighbourhood Stroll Habit: A way to recharge your collaborative mindset

When I’m working at my home office, by mid-day I’m usually ready for some outside time.  Fortunately I live in an inviting neighbourhood.  A short stroll in my ‘hood helps recharge my batteries.  And when the batteries are charged, its easier to do those good things: focus, listening, empathy… associated with the collaborative mindset. On the […]

The way we were: Was it really that groovy?

[This is a guest post by Susanna Jani.   Susanna is highly respected in British Columbia (and beyond) for her contributions to the field of mediation.  Mediate BC named an award after her; the annual Susanna Jani Prize for Excellence in Mediation.   So well deserved!   Susanna’s  commitment and generous spirit has won her many friends, including me. :)] My conversation with a friend […]

8 Key differences between online and face-2-face facilitation

So much work seems to take place online these days, and that goes for the practice of facilitation, too.  And, each time I facilitate a meeting or mediation online,  I further clue into the truth that online and face-2-face facilitation are different beasts.  It’s easy to get into trouble when we attempt to port what […]

Indie Game Design: A vulnerable place to be

I was doing a bit of prep this week for a presentation/workshop I’m co-delivering in Seattle later this month, with BC mediation colleague, the ever-creative Sharon Sutherland.   Our session will look at the unique potential of ‘digital natives’ in the dispute resolution field, of tomorrow. This all got me thinking about some digital natives, game designers/developers, […]