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A few random questions about mediation: Any answers?

Here`s a few random questions related to mediation that have recently come to my mind. Hey, it’s summertime… the mind wanders. Did the modern mediation movement come out of the Quaker tradition? This was a question posed by J Nyden in response to this post on Peter Phillip’s Business Conflict blog. Is web TV the […]

Wonder Cafe: Online conversations are changing The United Church of Canada

It’s challenging being a mainstream Christian church these days, in Canada.  Declining membership, aging congregations, questions about relevancy, not to mention dealing with the Indian residential school legacy, witness Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Yet, paradoxically, there is opportunity.  Opportunity to reach out, engage, dialogue, explore new possibilities.  This is the approach The United Church […]

Constructive Conflict: Revisiting the genius of Mary Parker Follett

  Last month, my collaborative-minded web friend, John Folk-Williams, introduced us to Mary Parker Follett, in this article on his excellent blog Cross Collaborate.  Among the living humans from 1868-1933, her insights reflected a brilliant mind, systems thinking, and in retrospect, are visionary.  I was totally intrigued, and so I followed up… First, I procured […]

The Green Collective: Using co-opetition to promote local businesses

Are you looking for eco-friendly and socially responsible products and services? In Victoria, the Green Collective, an affiliation of Victoria shops, utilizing the philosophy of “co-opetition”, makes it easier for you to make ethical, purchasing decisions. A group of small, locally owned and operated green business, the Green Collective helps consumers align their spending with […]