e-Training Conflict Management skills: How to keep it interactive and experiential?

I got much of my classroom-based conflict management training through the Justice Institute of BC (JIBC), over a decade ago.  I really enjoyed it.  It was immediate, face-to-face, conversational, with lots of role-playing and discussion.  Interactive and experiential.  Since then, I, and many others, have wrestled with how to generate a similarly satisfying experience, online. […]

Managed Services: The evolution of legal services?

Virtual.  Managed Service.  Value-based.   These are things Axiom Law talk about and offer their clients.  It’s how they see themselves differentiated from the “traditional” law firm, as this schematic from their website shows: Futurist Ross Dawson (@rossdawson on Twitter) highlighted this profile of Axiom in Law Technology News on his weblog recently. Axiom Law is a global […]