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You are not alone

Before my parents passed away, I was a family caregiver, from a distance.  Mom and Dad lived half a country away, in southern Ontario.  They lived apart, although in the same city.  I would visit multiple times a year (as would my siblings, who also lived at a distance), usually a week or two at […]

Strategies to reduce the gap between rich and poor, and make stronger communities

    Once in a while I like to take on the problems of the world.  I do this, not (usually!) as an opportunity to rant, rather as an opportunity for conversation, floating ideas, and tagging potential resolutions, which I can then hold out as a place to walk towards.  It helps motivate me, when […]

Mountain Equipment Co-op: A story of community values and enterprise

I’ve been a member of Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC), Canada’s largest retail co-operative, since the 1980s. I love their stuff.  Yet, MEC is more than stuff.  This week I met up the Stephanie Sketchley, Sustainability Coordinator for the MEC store in Victoria, and learned more about MEC’s place in the community. About MEC MEC was […]

Good-bye to Warren Argo and Bob Boardman: May your spirits live on!

One of my favourite events is the Festival of American Fiddle Tunes, located at Fort Worden State Park in Port Townsend, Washington, and not all that far from my home in Victoria.  Fiddle Tunes is a celebration of music, dance, tradition and community.  I’ve attended a number of times, and previously posted the many reasons […]

The Department of Mad Scientists: Lesson in innovation from DARPA

Are you involved with a science-based organization looking to innovate? Does that organization have a science fiction writer on staff? If it doesn’t, maybe it should! This is one of the innovation insights I drew from reading Michael Belfiore’s The Department of Mad Scientists: How DARPA is Remaking Our World, from the Internet to Artificial […]