Archives for April 2010

Lessons in community values and culture from the Canadian outposts

Communities that are isolated from the mainstream population often develop distinct, rich cultures, based on a firmly established set of values and practices.  There are many examples of these communities in Canada, from sea to sea to sea. Yet, a strong set of values is no guarantee that community or its culture will persist.  And […]

Break down those silos and re-build from above and below

Trying to get everyone on the same page? As long as your team members stay in their silos, your job will be next to impossible. To break down the thick walls between silos, build on the things all silos have in common: the sky above (vision) and the ground below (values). The silos metaphor is […]

Are you welcome in your neighbourhood?

Walk down any street in your neighbourhood.  How do you feel as you walk along? Do you feel welcome or is it a closed shop? Structure influences behaviour.  Just like the many ways to physically structure your office for collaboration, how we structure our personal property influences our relationship with our neighbours.  We can structure […]

Restorative Justice: A community response when bad things happen

Bad things happen.  They did to Katy Hutchison on New Year’s Eve in 1997. Her husband Bob was beaten to death while checking on a party being thrown by their neighbour’s son.  It happened in Squamish, a small town just north of Vancouver.  A wall of silence grew up around the murder.  It was four […]