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“You make me angry.” “Don’t get your noise out of joint.” “Settle down.” “Just ‘cause I said it, don’t mean that I meant it.” We use scores of phrases like these when involved in interpersonal conflict. If not spoken out loud, we speak them inside our head. Needless to say, our conflict directives rarely end the conflict. A better way is Conflict Mastery.

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Conflict Mastery: The book

Here’s the deal. If you’re curious about the words of conflict, common phrases and metaphors we (society on whole) have internalized, Cinnie Noble’s latest book, Conflict Mastery: Questions to Guide You, is for you. If you are a professional who routinely deals with interpersonal conflict, Conflict Mastery is for you. For anyone wanting to advance their skills in managing personal conflict, Conflict Mastery is for you.

I’ve been a fan of Cinnie’s work for years. Her work in the field of conflict coaching is leading the way. Cinnie walks the talk.

Conflict Mastery explores 75 common conflict concepts, phrases, and metaphors. Each topic area contains background insights and a list of questions.

Conflict Mastery serves as a reference guide. It’s logically organized; bite-sized; topic headings are the phrases; topics are grouped within three categories:  before, during, and after (conflict). Questions take centre stage. Common elements provide a connective thread, from topic to topic. The writing is clear.

Conflict Mastery won’t spoon feed you. Mastering conflict requires personal action; self-reflection. Conflict Mastery offers a nuanced, realistic approach to self-discovery, and habit development.

More reasons I like Conflict Mastery

When you need it… Before a recent meeting with a client, involved in a workplace conflict, I referred to Cinnie’s Conflict Mastery blog, a prelude to the book, and selected a set of questions. Just-in-time. I am so glad this book is here. All in one place, now!

In numerous places, Conflict Mastery provided me interpretations that I hadn’t thought of; e.g., some of Cinnie’s visualizations related to “peeling back the onion”.

In my work as a mediator, I have a ‘cheat sheet’ of resolutions techniques and ideas that I keep handy. I plan to add a list of conflict phrases, based on Cinnie’s work, to my toolkit.

Be the one

“While it takes two to sustain a conflict, it takes only one to change the paradigm.” (Cinnie Noble)

Get Conflict Mastery.

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