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The Soloist: A story about good intentions, letting go, and other important things

A few days ago, I saw The Soloist; a fascinating movie about friendship, mental illness, music, family, homelessness, community dysfunction, and more.  This movie engaged me on a number of personal fronts, including conflict management, music, and community building.  One way it especially touched me was that it reminded me that even though we may […]

Crowdsourcing: A viable approach for building your organization's storytelling capacity

In my post last week I talked about Cloud computing, and new ways organizations are using external service providers to address their computer application needs.  How does storytelling fit into that mix?  Given stories can be one of your organization’s most important knowledge assets, what new opportunity is out there for building your storytelling capacity?  […]

Look to the "clouds" to satisfy your collaboratives' computer application needs

Collaborative partnerships come and go.  Setting up and maintaining ICT (information and communication technologies) infrastructure to support each of those collaborations can bring on a serious headache.  Adopting a cloud computing and Software as a Service (SaaS) approach can alleviate that headache.  It’s (adopting) what I’m doing and so far so good! The concept While […]

Festival of American Fiddle Tunes – 13 reasons why this event is great

Centrum, in partnership with Fort Worden State Park (located in Port Townsend, Washington) is a gathering place for artists and creative thinkers from around the world, students of all ages and backgrounds, and audiences seeking extraordinary cultural enrichment. Centrum promotes creative experiences that change lives. Kicking off my summer, I attended one such experience last […]