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Data visualization: Another good way to tell your organization's story

A good story can give momentum to a vision or idea.One of the ways a story can do that is by making connections, and drawing relationships, between different events.To feel connected, to belong, are basic human needs.Maybe that’s why we perk up when new connections, our relationships to others, are revealed to us in a […]

Resolving conflict online vs. offline: similarities and differences

When we collaborate to address and resolve complex issues, those issues can take on a different dynamic when the conversation is online. The capacity to successfully address conflict and build consensus, in both the online and off-line worlds, has value for any organization. I’m currently working with a group of mediators; exploring ways to resolve […]

Building a collaborative project framework

Building a collaborative project framework involves thinking about the connections between how we talk, what we talk about, and what happens afterwards. What kind of infrastructure supports making those connections? Two things I think are essential to structuring collaborative projects are: People need the places and opportunities to have the important conversations Those conversations need […]