Your Conflict Advantage: A workplace success story

Back in October, I was a speaker at a Disrupt HR event in Victoria, to a room full of HR (Human Resource) professionals. The event was capably orchestrated by a well-known local HR firm, Engaged HR, in partnership with Calliope Learning.

“Disrupt HR is an information exchange designed to energize, inform and empower people in the HR field.” Disrupt HR events are held around the world.

The format was 11 speakers. Each speaker got 5 minutes, and had 20 slides (that advanced automatically). The speakers are asked to “Teach us something, but make it quick.” Bang. Bang. The format is very similar to that pioneered by PechaKucha.

My talk was called “Your Conflict Advantage”. It focused on how an organization can gain a strategic advantage by better dealing with conflict. Here’s the video of my talk:

Your Conflict Advantage | Ben Ziegler | DisruptHR Talks from DisruptHR on Vimeo.

Key messages in the video story included:

Success flows from a positive, collaborative workplace.

Your responses to conflict can generate either good or bad outcomes.

Building conflict competency starts with self-awareness.

A healthy workplace culture is “what people want”.

Behaviours bring values to life.

Manage for quality interactions and relationships as much as results and profits.

Adopt a “no jackass rule”.

Make constructive behaviours part of your cultural DNA.

Effective conflict management gains you a strategic advantage.

Hey – have you found Your Conflict Advantage, yet?

[Ben Ziegler is a Conflict Management Specialist serving SMEs, nonprofits and local governments. Contact Ben.]

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