Win-Win: The Art of Interest-Based Conflict Resolution

Workshop Overview

Interest-based conflict resolution is a process in which people collaborate to find a win-win solution to their conflict.

Participants will learn and practice techniques for deescalating and resolving conflict. They learn how to effectively deal with an upset customer, resolve a business dispute, navigate team conflict, and respond to high-conflict people.

They will gain awareness of their role and responsibility in managing conflict, and build skills in communication, consensus building, negotiations, mediation, and creative problem-solving.

Key Outcomes

  • Increase self-awareness
  • Focus on constructive behaviours; deescalate conflict
  • Model positive thinking and actions
  • Structure conflict resolution process
  • Listen to understand; speak to be understood
  • Facilitate difficult conversations
  • Negotiate strategically and fairly
  • Collaborate on mutual benefit solutions
  • Enhance important relationships
  • Improve customer service
  • Reduce cost of conflict


  • Conflict dynamics
  • Constructive behaviours
  • Effective communications
  • Model for interest-based conflict resolution
  • Exploring issues, positions and interests
  • Perspectives taking
  • Customer complaints
  • Business disputes; b2b, b2c
  • Workplace and team conflict
  • High-conflict people
  • Solution options analysis
  • The role of apology
  • Negotiating agreement
  • 3rd Party facilitation of negotiation

Delivery Format

  • 3-hour workshop
  • Participatory; mix of activities and presentation
  • Workbook handout included


  • $125 (regular price) per participant
  • Based on minimum of 8 participants


Ben Ziegler

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