The Journey to "Less is More" Communications

The rise of the mobile-only user (Harvard Biz article) alludes to how the small screen is changing the way we communicate.  The small screen begs for clarity, brevity, interactivity, smart design…  The medium and the message, intertwined.  Thinking of how we got to this “less is more” place, I crafted this short story (poem?):

When I was a younger man
We sat behind big computer screens and read other people’s content
Then, social media came along
We learned how easy it could be to create and publish our own content
Today, we have lots of content
Too much, the people say
Give us our life back
All this content is killing us
Yet, people are greedy
They want it all, the content without the pain
It’s our nature
So we look around
And lo and behold, we create
Twitter, mobile, the small screen
Adaptive creatures we are
We do more with less
And more of less?
Learn new ways to communicate
Visual, metaphor, meaning, 140
Until we look back on all that was bloated
And smile

How are you on a “less is more” journey?

PS.  Sometimes its hard to know if I’m doing more with less or just adding to the information highway carnage.  Dear Reader: I’m sure you will advise me, as appropriate. 🙂

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