Templates & Checklists

Here are some templates and checklists I created and use. You can download these. The documents are in PDF format.

Respectful Workplace Checklist: Use this checklist to assess how well your organization demonstrates a respectful workplace, and to identify areas for improvement.

Mediation Agreement Checklist: Mediation is a collaborative form of dispute resolution where the parties in dispute resolve the dispute themselves, with the assistance of a 3rd party neutral (the mediator), instead of an arbitrator or judge ruling who is right or wrong. This checklist serves as a guide for what’s included in an agreement, reached through mediation.

Collaborative Organization Checklist: Collaboration is about people working together. Use this checklist as maxims, principles, to strive towards, in your workplace relationships, and in leading a collaborative organization.

Collaboration Agreement Template: This template contains essential elements in an effective agreement, to guide a new working relationship and/or enhance an existing relationship.


Conflict Intelligence Self-Assessment: This effective tool was developed by a colleague, Cinnie Noble, of Cinergy Coaching.