At the CORE: How social media is re-shaping the business of conflict resolution

As part of the CORE Conflict Resolution Clinic speaker series, I gave a presentation last week on the topic of how social media is re-shaping the business of conflict resolution. The audience was 18 arbitrators, mediators, lawyers, tribunal officers, and other conflict resolution professionals.  The talk was held in the office of KPMG, in downtown Vancouver.

Sharon Sutherland, a CORE board member, coordinated the event, and generously put her steady hand behind the video (see below).  I’ve known Sharon for some time.  I’ve learned lots from her. She is one of the more creative conflict resolution professionals that I’ve come across, and always seems willing to say “yes, and…”.

The storyline

The storyline, behind my presentation, runs like this: Social media is social media.  It is a medium that supports and encourages conversation. Given we change through conversations, be it in relation to our family, colleagues or clients; being there, being part of those conversations, matters. The social media landscape brings new expectations; 2-way conversations, prosumers, transparency, paying it forward.  Just like its predecessors, the heart of the new medium is about relationships; building social capital, and trust.  The internet and social media offer up new ways to do business; mobility, language, scope.  Leveraging those possibilities requires good strategy and hard work.  And the paradox; immersing oneself in the new media can be seductive sometimes it’s best just to say no! Here’s an 8-minute video, with excerpts of my talk (touching on new services, strategy, and paradox):

If you can’t see it, click here.

And the presentation, itself

You can also find the presentation on slideshare, here.

Anything you’d like to add to this presentation?


I’m not in the social media business.  Many of the ideas, concepts around using social media, I’ve learned from others; not the least of whom are conflict resolution colleagues (cheers!… a number of them I mention in the presentation).  I also owe thanks to Chris Burdge, of bWest Interactive in Victoria; for helping me understand the core of social media strategy.

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