So many ways to have a conversation

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Collaboration is as much about having conversations as anything. And today there are so many ways to have those conversations.

In organizations, when people are in the same physical space, there are many ways to have those important face-to-face conversations that support collaborative initiative. Future Search , World Café, Open Space are all examples of conversation techniques proven effective in creating a collaborative atmosphere among a diverse group of stakeholders.

Focusing on the online world, what are some of the online tools that support collaborative conversations? blogs, wikis, social bookmarking, podcasting… all these are examples of tools frequently used to stimulate and/or conduct online conversation. Not sure what these tools are. Check out commoncraft videos – they offer simple, easy visuals on the concept of a blog, wiki, social bookmarking, etc.

Another great resource on web 2.0 and social media tools is Mike Sansone’s blog . Mike coaches people on how to use social media tools in collaborative ways. He describes himself as a conversation conductor and a social mediatician. 21st century roles or what!

Let’s say you are starting a project, and collaboration is at the forefront of your intentions. Just scratching the surface, here’s a few conversation-oriented questions to ask:

  • Which conversation techniques work best with this group of people?
  • Which conversational approach works best at this stage of the project?
  • What needs to happen to have this conversation?
  • What corporate platform can I use to have this conversation?

Learn and experience the many ways to have a conversation.

What question would you want asked to guage if the right conversation approach/technique is being considered?

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