Hi there.   Welcome to my website.   Here’s a bit about me, Ben Ziegler

What I do

I am a freelance consultant, facilitator, and mediator, based in Victoria, on Canada’s west coast.

As a consultant and facilitator, I help individuals and organizations bridge differences, using collaborative processes.  I also facilitate virtual teams of problem-solvers.  

As a mediator, I resolve disputes.   I focus on commercial and community disputes.   I do this work both in-person and through the web, as an “online mediator”.   I also mentor new mediators.

On this site, I also run a blog.  It’s mostly focused on collaborative practices, conflict management, and thriving in a digital world.   It’s also a place I talk about community, and other topics that grab my attention.  

As part of of my work, I also conduct workshops and give talks, in both public and private contexts.

Why I do it

My belief is that good things happen when people find ways to come together, respect, understand, and appreciate each other.     

My credentials

I’ve worked continuously, since 2001, as a professional, certified mediator; member of BC Mediator Roster.   I am a mediator and mentor in the British Columbia Court Mediation Program, consult to government re: online civil justice and online dispute resolution initiatives, work with community-based mediation organizations, and maintain a private mediation practice.   Previously, I worked 3 years as an online mediator of eBay disputes.

My consulting experience spans three decades, starting as a project manager in the civil engineering field.   I then spent 15 years as a consultant with large business/systems integration firms (Accenture, Sierra Systems).   Currently, I freelance to individuals and organizations, locally, and as a virtual facilitator. 

I think bridging the generations is important.   I am a certified Certified Professional Consultant on Aging (CPCA).  I also am involved with local community justice organizations, working with youth.

In a volunteer capacity, I volunteer my mediation and collaboration consulting skills, locally, and internationally as an Advisor with the Canadian Executive Service Organization (CESO) read and watch about my experiences while on assignment in the Philippines.

I’m an advocate for systems thinking, social innovation, and the positive potential of technology, and value nothing more than local living; family, neighbourhoods, making music, community dances

I’ve published 2 ebooks, Collaborative Maxims : Principles for Working Together, and U Connect : The Art of Making Connections to Resolve Disputes.  Both are available as PDF downloadables (see sidebar) or as Kindle e-books on Amazon, here.  I’m currently collaborating on a third e-book, at the intersection of collaboration and visualization.

I curate an online newspaper, The Canadian Mediators Weekly, which contains great content from my mediator colleagues on Twitter.

To learn more about my professional background, visit my LinkedIn profile


“Ben is very conscientious, always prepared, very friendly, good with people, and I recommend him as a mediator in pretty much any civil/commercial dispute.”   Lee Turnbull, Senior Advisor, British Columbia Court Mediation Program

“I hired Ben as a project manager for a high risk, many-faceted project. His attention to detail, realistic approach and consultative manner gave this project the boost it needed. I would hire him again unreservedly.”   Pam Wilkins, Manager Technical Communications, British Columbia Ministry of Forests

“Ben worked as an IT Consultant for us at the Distance Mediation Project, an ODR (online dispute resolution) family mediation pilot project of the BC Mediator Roster Society. He was precise in his work, able to see both big and small-picture issues, and brought many valuable ideas to our project.”  Susanna Jani, Distance Mediation Project Coordinator

“Ben is a creative thinker and blogger. He pulled off a tricky assignment in the Philippines when he photographed, videotaped and interviewed people for a blog for CESO. His positive messages, actions and collaborative approach demonstrate how to work with others in projects here and abroad.” Alex Gillis, Public Engagement Manager, Canadian Executive Service Organization (CESO)

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