Ben ZieglerWelcome.

I’m Ben Ziegler, a conflict management specialist serving small and medium-sized businesses, nonprofits and local governments.

Collaborative Journeys is my web home base. My physical home is in Victoria, on Canada’s west coast.


I provide conflict management coaching, mediation and consulting (including training) services.

The types of challenges that my clients face:

  • Skills gaps: communications, conflict management, collaboration
  • Destructive behaviours
  • Toxic workplace
  • Business disputes, b2b or b2c
  • Departmental silos
  • Respectful workplace implementation
  • Labour-management issues

My clients include business owners, workplace managers, board directors, and HR professionals. Their needs may be reactive; e.g., “I have a business dispute that I need help resolving” and/or proactive; e.g., “My group would benefit from some conflict management coaching or training. It will help them work better as a team.”

My core belief is that good things can happen when people come together, feel safe in the process, and have constructive conversations about things that are important to them.


Effective conflict management enhances individual and organization reputation, employee engagement and loyalty, and workplace productivity.

Individuals learn constructive approaches for responding to conflict. Disputes and conflicts are handled in a fair and economical manner. Organizations put in place structures that facilitate effective conflict management, and build conflict management capacity.

Conflict competent organizations reflect a healthy workplace. They speak to the “better” side of people. Employees are fully engaged in their work, there is mutual respect and support, and management leads by example. People want to work in these conflict- competent organizations. They attract top talent.


I’ve mediated 600+ business and community disputes; court-based, online, and private, and been a mentor to dozens of new mediators.

I’ve helped SMEs, nonprofits and local government manage internal interpersonal conflicts, through 1:1 coaching, interpersonal mediation, and workplace assessments.

In a professional development role, I’ve facilitated training workshops and webinars on conflict management, communications, collaboration, and cross-cultural topics.

I’m a member of the BC Mediator Roster, a Certified Workplace Fairness Analyst, certified in the Conflict Dynamics Profile assessment instrument, and an Associate Faculty member in the Justice Studies Program at Royal Roads University.

I’ve been blogging since 2009 (350+ articles), authored 3 e-books, and speak at public events; all on conflict management and collaboration themes.


I started off my professional life in the engineering field as a construction project manager and surveyor in Alberta, in the late 1970’s. Shifting to the high tech sector in the mid-80’s, I worked as a business analyst and project manager with international systems consulting firms, Accenture and Sierra Systems, until becoming an independent consultant in 2001.

Taking my cue from some sticky workplace conflicts I unexpectedly found myself in, I immersed myself in a conflict resolution training program with the Justice Institute of BC. I was pleasantly surprised how my business analysis skills came in handy, as a mediator.

I began working as a professional mediator in 2003, and have built on my early mediation and consulting experiences since then.

Outside of my professional work, I’m a volunteer support group facilitator with the Family Caregivers of BC, a volunteer adviser with the Canadian Executive Service Organization, active in a number of other local nonprofits, an avid reader, and enjoy the odd round of golf.


Let’s work together, and make effective conflict management your strategic advantage. Contact me for a free consultation.

Thank you for your interest,