Hi there. Welcome to my website and blog. Here’s a bit about me, Ben Ziegler:

I am an independent consultant and mediator; facilitating fair outcomes, in the community, and in the workplace.

My core belief is that good things can happen when people come together, feel safe in the process, and have constructive conversations about things that are important to them.

The people I work for and how I help them

COMMUNITY and ORGANIZATION STAKEHOLDERS collaborating on projects for public good. 

As a project consultant, I facilitate:

  • Business Development; writing bid proposals, grant applications, collaboration agreements
  • Planning and Analysis; delivering project plans, situation analysis, process designs
  • Group Facilitation; facilitating meetings, teams, workshops
  • Communications Support; all those things which can make or break a project; e.g., collaborative practices, conflict management, progress reporting, public engagement

Read more about my project consulting experience and services.

WORKPLACE MANAGERS and/or BUSINESS OWNERS who need assistance managing conflict.

As a conflict management professional, I provide:

  • Conflict Coaching
  • Interpersonal Mediation
  • Workplace Restorations / Relationship Building
  • Workplace Fairness Assessments

Read more about my conflict management experience and services.

I also deliver custom workshops, and public speaking, on conflict management and collaboration topics.

Read more about my workshop and public speaking experience and services.

My work life has evolved; from being a construction project manager, through many years as consultant in the high tech field, working as a conflict mediator and mentor, and now, focused on fairness, in community, and in the workplace.

More about my credentials and interests

I am a certified Workplace Fairness Analyst (with the Workplace Fairness Institute), certified in the Conflict Dynamics Profile ® assessment instrument, member of the BC Mediator Roster, and a Certified Professional Consultant on Aging.

I am affiliated, and an active member, in the following community organizations:

One of my pet projects is to advocate and promote the role that family caregivers play in the community, and society-at-large. Read more about my interest in Development of a Care Grid.

On this site, you’ll find my blog; started in 2009. Since then I’ve posted over 300 articles; mostly on collaboration and conflict management. I’ve created resources that you can access and download, for free; e-books, checklists & templates, presentations, case studies, and more. I also offer an e-learning course on Virtual Collaboration.

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