Personal paths intersect on e-Government project in San Felipe, Philippines

The project team has been assembled and sprung into action. Each team member brings their own personal stories to the project. I thought I’d briefly share the stories of three people I’ve met this week; Frederick Torres, Elsie Alip and Mark Nery. All are members of the eBPLS (e-Business Permit & Licensing System) project in […]

Developing staff capacities in order to sustain momentum on Philippines e-Governance project

This past week I spent time with the eRPTS (electronic Real Property Taxation System) project team in San Antonio, Zambales province, Philippines. As regular readers of this blog will know, for the last month I’ve been in the Philippines as a Volunteer Advisor to the eGov4MD project (of which eRPTS is a sub-project), with the […]

Trying to balance conservation and development in San Antonio, Zambales, Philippines

Melchor Ventura is the Planning & Development Officer for San Antonio, a Municipality in Zambales province, Philippines. He is also involved in the eGov4MD project; an international collaborative, orchestrated by the League of Municipalities of the Philippines (LMP), bringing together various Filipino organizations, municipalities, and foreign nonprofits (e.g., CESO). The project will help Filipino municipalities […]

The Mayor: At the centre of e-Governance in Dinalupihan, Philippines

Joel Payumo is Mayor of the Municipality of Dinalupihan, Bataan Province, Philippines. As Mayor he has many people seeking his attention. This week I was one of those people. I’m here in Dinalupihan as a Volunteer Advisor (VA) to the eGov4MD project, with the Canadian Executive Service Organization (CESO). The eGov4MD project is an international […]

Treasury Management and e-Governance in Dinalupihan, Philippines

This week I’m in Dinalupihan, in the Philippines, working with Lani Pe’aflor (left), Dinalupihan’s Municipal Treasurer.  We’re working together, along with other Municipal staff, as part of the eGov4MD project.  I’m here as a Volunteer Advisor (VA) to that project, with the Canadian Executive Service Organization (CESO). The eGov4MD project is an international collaborative, orchestrated […]