A Conflict Christmas Carol [A poem]

[Riffing on the basic storyline from A Christmas Carol (Charles Dickens’ novella), I came up with this poem. Happy holidays!]

He walked the streets, not seeing
Yet, right he was, never wrong
Quick to judge, quick to his trigger.

At a festive party one day, he was surprised
When the other declared, “you are like me”
Like me, oh no, he thought.

Looking back
The scattered remains of his victories
The price of win-lose.

Around him, people carry on
Accommodating, cooperating
Their joy is not his.

A vision arrives
Kaleidoscopic, life’s reckoning, revealing
A legacy of conflict, power and rights.

Letting go
Destructiveness fades away
An opening?

Chance knocks
Come in, he said, this time
To kindness, generosity and warmth.

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