Caring about others around the world – another calamity in the Philippines

I don’t know what to say other than more heartbreaking news from the Philippines. Just finished communicating with some people I was working with, in Manila, only a few weeks ago. Over the weekend just passed, they were fighting for their very survival!

On Saturday, September 26, a tropical storm brought almost 14 inches of rain in a 6 hour period! The infrastructure of Manila and surrounding provinces was overwhelmed, resulting in enormous flooding, extensive loss of life, and massive property destruction (whole communities wiped out). When over 80% of a city of 12+ million people is underwater, the situation goes beyond being a calamity.  This is the second Philippines calamity I’ve blogged about in just over 1 month.  The first is here.

My thoughts and prayers go out to all those who are affected.

To get a sense of the carnage, read this far ranging New York Times article or watch the tragic nature of this story, as captured on this Al Jazeera news video…

And for the enormity of the task ahead, this video too is from Al Jazeera…

If you feel like making a personal response, you may want to check out the Philippines Red Cross.

What way do you respond to events happening far away with people you do not personally know?

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