Virtual Collaboration

Realize the value-add potential of resolving conflict online and virtual teamwork.

Working Online

The “virtual” opens up a whole new world of possibilities for getting things done.  Whether its to address an issue, create and innovate, build relationships… the online can ADD value to you and your organization.  And, when travel is a concern, working virtually can be the socially responsible thing to do!

We can work together online, using Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).   With my experience using ICT, I make it easy for you to resolve a dispute or conduct a successful project, no matter where you and/or the parties are located.  

Online Dispute Resolution

Most online mediations are conducted with each party in their own home/Goffice location.

working online


As part of my mediation practice, I use the following ICT to help get things done:

  • Telephone / Teleconference
  • Email
  • Skype (video optional)
  • Web calendar to schedule meetings
  • Web forms for questionnaires and surveys
  • Web conferencing software to view/update documents or drawings online
  • E-signatures for document approvals

We can work 100% online, in a safe and secure environment (a telephone and/or reliable Internet is all you need). No need to travel!

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Virtual Facilitation

I work as a virtual facilitator, with IdeaConnection, facilitating  teams of problem-solvers, working on innovation challenges.   Each team member brings different skills, experience & perspective to the table.

Virtual teamwork is a great way to get things done, today.   You can pull in creative and talented people, from anywhere.   If  you’d like to learn more about the potential of a crowdsourcing and virtual team approach, contact me.