Go Viral: How to Spark and Spread Positive, Collaborative Behaviours Across Your Organization

Workshop Overview

Positive, collaborative workplaces are an important driver for success. They read into virtually all organization performance metrics.

In this workshop, participants learn and apply models for building and scaling positive, constructive behaviours and workplaces. They will gain insights into purposeful leadership, relationship dynamics, open communications and dialogue, creative collaboration, conflict management, and organization development.

Key Outcomes

  • Increase self-awareness
  • Model 50:50 leadership; manage for both results AND quality of interactions and relationships
  • Define and scale constructive behaviours
  • Enable open communications and dialogue and knowledge sharing
  • Increase cooperation; break down departmental silos
  • Motivate and sponsor collaborative action
  • Become conflict competent


  • Taking ownership; “Collaboration begins with you”
  • 50:50 leadership
  • The magic relationship ratio
  • Constructive behaviours; behaviours bring values to life
  • Model for scaling constructive behaviours
  • The ideal team player
  • Enabling open dialogue, speaking up and knowledge sharing
  • Breaking down silos
  • Conflict management and workplace fairness

Delivery Format

  • 3-hour workshop
  • Participatory; mix of activities and presentation
  • Workbook handout included


  • $125 (regular price) per participant
  • Based on minimum of 8 participants


Ben Ziegler

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