Conflict Management for Small and Medium Employers

Workshop Description

Conflict is inevitable. It’s a normal part of life, including the workplace.

Even in the best of working relationships, situations can arise in which people have apparently incompatible goals, interests, principles or feelings. Communication breaks down. Customers complain. Harmful behaviours take over the workplace.

When conflict happens, respond appropriately, no matter whose involved; employees, management, contractors, customers, clients, partners, etc.

This workshop will show you how to proactively manage workplace conflict; constructively, cost-effectively, and fairly.


• The cost of conflict
• Conflict triggers, behaviours, and responding to conflict
• Workplace Fairness: principles and implementation
• 5 workplace conflict management options
• What’s your problem? Understanding needs
• Communication skills that shift the conversation from conflict to collaboration
• Negotiating agreement
• Conflict management approaches: union vs. non-union workplaces
• Conflict management systems design
• Workplace conflict management ROI

Target Audience

Individuals with responsibility for workplace conflict management and fairness; e.g., departmental managers, business owners, HR personnel, boards of directors.