The Mediation Process

This flowchart outlines the process I follow in my mediation practice.   The process is the essentially the same for both online and face-to-face mediation.


Here’s a brief description of each step in the process:

  1. Request Assistance. I am contacted, by one or more parties, to assist with dispute resolution.
  2. Situation Assessment. Background information is collected through conversation with the parties.   The situation is reviewed to determine if mediation is an appropriate way to address the issues in dispute.
  3. Draft and Sign Agreement-to-Mediate. An Agreement-to-Mediate is drawn up.   Signed by all parties to the mediation, this agreement outlines expectations and obligations, including fees, for each party participating in the mediation process.
  4. Mediation Working sessions. I facilitate dialogue around issues and interests of importance to the parties.   I help the parties find common ground, frame resolution options, and negotiate the terms of settlement.
  5. Draft and Sign Settlement Agreement. I work with all the parties to draw up a Settlement Agreement.   The Agreement outlines the actions that each party commits to, and what the parties agree to will happen if they don’t. 
  6. Mediation Wrap-up. To bring closure the mediation process, relevant materials are packaged and transferred to the parties, and the parties are surveyed on their mediation experience.
  7. Other Options. As mediation is voluntary, any of the parties (including the Mediator) may end the mediation at any time.   I can assist with identifying and/or facilitating other ways to resolve the dispute.