Care Grid Development

Our communities are aging. More elderly people will increase the demand for care, paid and unpaid.

Granddaughter helping her disabled grandmother walk with the aid of a walker.

Going forward, care infrastructure will be as much needed as were the highways and telecommunications infrastructure of the last century.

I am committed to supporting the needs of caregivers and the elderly, and to furthering the development of care, relationship-based, infrastructure, the “Care Grid”.


Caregiving and aging-related issues are typically complex, and require many diverse players to collaborate, and make decisions. I facilitate difficult conversations, and support project initiatives, impacting caregivers.

Workplace Fairness

Many unpaid caregivers are still in the workplace; i.e., they have a full-time job outside of their caregiving role. I can help employers walk the talk, when it comes to supporting their caregiver employees.

Relevant experience and credentials

Collaborate on the Care Grid?

Contact me, and we can explore possibilities.

(Note: I first encountered the term ‘care grid’ in Ai-Jen Poo’s superb 2015 visionary book, Age of Dignity.)