Case study – Non-Profit Sector collaboration

The Assignment

In 2014, the Vancouver Foundation coordinated multiple initiatives to address Human Resource needs of the British Columbia(BC) non-profit sector.

One of the Foundation’s initiatives was to develop a Prototype and Implementation Guide for non-profit sector collaboration, using the Constellation Collaboration Model.  The Constellation Model was first implemented in Ontario, and is a framework for organizations to come together, create partnership, and realize mutual objectives. The Model is put into practice through lightweight governance, action focused teams, and third party coordination.

I was retained by the Foundation to help develop a Constellation Collaboration Prototype and Implementation Guide, for the BC non-profit sector.

Work done

The initial step was to establish and confirm the project plan and terms of reference for the work, with Foundation staff.

Research and information gathering was undertaken. Constellation models already in implementation, elsewhere, were reviewed. Constellation stakeholders and thought leaders were interviewed, through a hybrid of in-person and remote interviews.

Findings were distilled.  Common threads were identified, along with success factors, monitoring and evaluation KPI’s, and innovation opportunities, associated with implementing a Constellation framework.

A Prototype and Implementation Guide were drafted, in document format. The Prototype and Guide were reviewed and validated by select stakeholders, chosen by the Foundation.

The Prototype and Implementation Guide were finalized, along with additional communication vehicles, and handed over to the client (Foundation).

Throughout the engagement, I provided weekly progress reports on work status.