Picture Collaboration

An Illustrated Guide for Working Together to Solve Problems


Imagine driving along a winding, mountain highway.   There are road signs everywhere.  They signal what’s ahead; a curvy road, a steep descent, falling rocks…   Sometimes, the road sign is only a picture.  No words.   We get the message, though.   Driver, beware!    We’ve learned and internalized the message.  It’s a habit, second nature.  We see the sign.  We act accordingly.  And, we arrive safely at our destination, as intended. Now, imagine those signs are for good collaboration.  And, your destination is your problem, solved.

Picture Collaboration 

People work together, collaborate, to solve problems. Yet, effective collaboration requires intention and work.  It’s not easy.  There can be many challenges and obstacles to navigate: negativity, uncertainty, silos, command and control, time, conflict, limited options, bad habits… break impasse So, how do we collaboratively get from here to there?  How do we think and act collaboratively, together? In our attention-deficit world, words alone never seem to cut it.  We revel in images, photographs, sketches, videos…  Our brain is a visual processing dynamo.   We draw meaning through the visual; whether it’s the face of a potential mate, or the marketing of a product. That’s why we created Picture Collaboration: An Illustrated Guide for Working Together to Solve Problems.   We can habituate ourselves to good collaboration through visual literacy.

Picture Collaboration: An Illustrated Guide for Working Together to Solve Problems

Picture Collaboration provides 23 collaborative signposts, visual cues, for your journey ahead. Through icons, illustrations and text, Picture Collaboration is your collaborative journeys guide.

Picture Collaboration Icons

Picture Collaboration is for facilitators, both those who facilitate full-time, and those for whom facilitation is just part of what they do; project managers, coaches, trainers, mediators, consultants, leaders, teachers… Go ahead, bust those silos!

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bust silos

We hope the visuals and explanations in this Guide act as a catalyst for you; to creatively learn and apply, your way.  Please.  The world needs more people fluent in the art and practice of collaboration.

Did you know?

Speaking visually is #2 on JWT Intelligence’s  “10 Trends that will shape our world in 2014 and beyond” list.  JWT  is one of the world’s most recognized marketing agencies.

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About the Authors

Picture Collaboration is a collaboration between conflict management management and collaboration specialist, Ben Ziegler, and Tanya Gadsby, a graphic recorder and visualization specialist.     Ben originally came up with the idea for this e-book in 2011.  It wasn’t until he connected with Tanya, though, that it got done.  And, for that he is most grateful.

Ben Ziegler works as a mediator, mentor, coach and trainer in the conflict management field.  He also facilitates problem-solving conversations and teams, in-person and virtually.  His previous careers included 14 years in the high tech sector, with international consulting firms.   You can reach Ben through his website, Collaborative Journeys.  Connect with him on Twitter: @benziegler.

Tanya Gadsby‘s graphics skills have been used in strategic planning sessions, community workshops, patient journey mapping, and other multi-stakeholder gatherings.  She also specializes in whiteboard videos and custom illustrated Prezi presentations. You can reach Tanya through her website, Drawing Out Ideas.   Tanya is @DrawingOutIdeas on Twitter.

Both Ben and Tanya are based in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

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