I help people work together AND move from challenges to solutions. As a result, they:

  • manage conflict effectively
  • solve complex problems
  • sustain personal and professional growth.

Are these your challenges?

Here are common challenges that clients come to me with:

  • a business dispute needs to be resolved – as soon as possible
  • destructive behaviours are escalating tensions – creating a toxic workplace
  • advanced communication skills are increasingly required to succeed in the workplace
  • people are working in organizational silos, making it difficult to collectively solve problems
  • virtual team meetings are frustrating and unproductive

Solution Services

These are the services I provide, in-person and virtually:

Conflict Management:

  • Dispute Resolution (including business-business, business-customer)
  • Workplace Conflict Management

More about my conflict management services


More about my collaboration services

Professional Development:

  • Coaching / Mentoring
  • Training Workshops
  • Speaking

More about my professional development services

How You Benefit?

The value that comes from effective conflict management, collaboration, and personal learning, includes:

  • solved problems
  • better performance
  • higher morale
  • improved relationships
  • enhanced image
  • superior service
  • happier customers