Work with Ben

Are these your workplace challenges?

  • Skills gaps: communications, collaboration, conflict management
  • Destructive behaviours: high-conflict individuals, toxic relationships
  • Team dysfunction
  • Departmental silos
  • Business and/or customer disputes
  • Labour-management issues
  • Community engagement

Here’s 5 ways I can help you:

1:1 Coaching

Increase your self-awareness. I will help you become more self-aware, and apply your learning to the personal and workplace challenges you face. Through self-assessment and conversation, you’ll get a handle on your behaviours, constructive and destructive, and ‘hot buttons’. When you develop your communication, collaboration and conflict management skills, you gain a strategic advantage.

Team Development

Work better, together. In teams, the quality of interactions and relationships directly influence team results. With a focus on personal accountability, team leadership, and team dynamics, I use a variety of tools and techniques, both individual and group-related, in order to help teams understand and address their task and relationship challenges.

Interpersonal Mediation

Manage conflict, better. Whether its employee-based, business-customer, or business-business, mediation (i.e., facilitated negotiations) is a cost-effective, appropriate, and empowering way to resolve interpersonal differences. As a commercial mediator, I’ve helped thousands of individuals, and hundreds of businesses and community organizations resolve their differences using win-win approaches. Don’t avoid that difficult conversation. Bring in a skilled facilitator.

Situation Assessment

Tune in to what’s going on. Most workplaces are complex. There are many factors at play; interpersonal, systems, processes, data, external factors… A situation assessment can help you understand what’s going on, people-wise, and how to move forward, in positive and constructive ways. With 25+ years consulting experience conducting situation assessments – I can efficiently interview stakeholders, assess the situation (from multiple perspectives), frame going-forward options, and recommend a course of action for you.


Grow your team. Grow your organization. Workshops are an opportunity for participants to grow, learn new things, solve real-world problems, connect with others, and be motivated for future action. Workshop topics I cover include:

  • Communications basics
  • Cross-cultural communications
  • Conflict management
  • Innovation
  • Workplace collaboration
  • Virtual collaboration

Benefits (of working with me)

  • Grows your skills competencies and organization capacities
  • Increases employee engagement, workplace productivity, and customer service
  • Promotes a positive, collaborative workplace
  • Achieves mutual benefit solutions and outcomes
  • Enhances your reputation and brand, and ability to attract and retain quality staff
  • Reduces costs, associated with workplace conflict

My credentials


  • Collaboration consultant to the Vancouver Foundation.
  • Facilitator of global virtual teams, working on corporate innovation challenges, with
  • Consultant to multiple BC Government conflict management systems initiatives, including Civil Resolution Tribunal.
  • 15 years as a business analyst and project manager with international systems consulting firms, Accenture and Sierra Systems.
  • Volunteer Adviser with the Canadian Executive Service Organization (in Philippines, Tanzania, Bolivia).
  • Some of the clients I’ve worked with (non-confidential).

Conflict Management 

  • Commercial mediator, resolved 600+ workplace and community disputes.
  • Online mediator with e-bay, BC Government, Consumer Protection BC.
  • Mentor to 25 mediators in the BC Court Mediation Practicum Program.
  • Restorative justice facilitator.
  • Facilitator of cross-cultural conflict management workshops for Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria.
  • Member of the BC Mediator Roster (since 2003)
  • Certified Workplace Fairness Analyst.
  • Certified in Conflict Dynamics Profile® assessment instrument.
  • Associate Faculty, Royal Roads University, Justice Studies Program.


“Ben delivered a comprehensive conflict management workshop this Fall (2018), on behalf of the Ucluelet Chamber of Commerce. The workshop, attended by Chamber (and non-Chamber) community members alike, involved both lecture and group activities. Ben was an engaging speaker and the presentations and activities were well received. Overall it was an informative and fun afternoon.”  Joey Rotenburg, Ucluelet Chamber of Commerce facilitator

“Ben worked with us to provide a mix of one-to-one and group sessions tailored to address a workplace conflict. His guidance has given us tools and insights that we continue to use.” BC Non-Profit Manager

“Ben, thank you for presenting for our members in Cowichan. We appreciated your grounded expertise, and engaging style. Attendees enjoyed the opportunity to pose questions in the safe and comfortable atmosphere you created.” Elizabeth Croft, Events and Membership Manager, Duncan Cowichan Chamber of Commerce

“Ben resides at the intersection of dispute resolution and social technologies. He brings to his work a refreshing combination of professionalism, sincere personal engagement, and an infectious passion for connecting people and ideas. Working with Ben was a rewarding, enjoyable experience. I look forward to following his exciting work and continuing to connect both on and offline.”  Justin Corbett, Executive Director at National Association For Community Mediation

“Ben is very conscientious, always prepared, very friendly, good with people, and I recommend him as a mediator in pretty much any civil dispute.”  Lee Turnbull, Senior Advisor, Mediate BC

“Ben was thorough and sensitive in his approach to our collaboration building requirements. He is a trained professional who offers highly valuable insight.” Lorna Knowles, VP, i.O.N., It’s Only Natural Clothing Corp.

“Ben was on the Board of Directors of the Values-Based Business Network for several years and his mediator’s approach was an important contribution to the board. At one point, we had an “angry” contractor and Ben handled the situation smoothly and professionally, leaving all sides satisfied with the outcome.”, Alan Dolan, Chair, Values-Based Business Network (Victoria)

“I hired Ben as a project manager for a high risk, many-faceted project. His attention to detail, realistic approach and consultative manner gave this project the boost it needed. I would hire him again unreservedly.”  Pam Wilkins, British Columbia Government

“Ben conducted an educational workshop on Conflict Mediation for Chamber members as part of our Business Education Series. Participants report that he expertly communicated key issues, providing concrete tools for them to take away while inspiring with fresh perspectives. He is a pleasure to work with – reliable and professional. Well done Ben!”  Sarah Mitchell, Event Manager at Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce

“Ben is a creative thinker and blogger. In the Philippines, he pulled off a tricky assignment with CESO when he photographed, videotaped and interviewed people for a blog. His positive messages, actions and collaborative approach demonstrated how to work with others in projects here and abroad. ”  Alex Gillis, Communications and Public Engagement Manager, Canadian Executive Service Organization

My Fees

$100 – $150/hour.

Let’s connect

Call me for a free consultation; at 1-250-516-3936, or fill out my Contact form, and I’ll get back to you, usually within 1 business day.

Thank you for your interest in my services.